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How to Track Ecommerce Email Marketing Performance with Klaviyo and Shopify

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Email marketing is a powerful way to reach customers and increase sales in the crowded world of e-commerce. How can you determine the effectiveness of email campaigns? Here's how to track the success of your email marketing campaigns using integrated tools from Klaviyo Shopify.

1. Open Rates

The Basics Open rates are the percentage of recipients that have opened your email. High open rates are indicative of strong subject lines and an established sender. This metric can be found in the Klaviyo or Shopify Mail dashboard to assess initial email reception quickly.

2. Explore deeper: Click-through rate (CTR)

This metric represents the percentage of recipients who clicked a link in your email. This metric is an excellent indicator of the relevance and engagement of your content. Klaviyo allows you to analyse CTR, giving insights into what content resonates best with your audience.

3. Measure Conversions: Conversion rate

The ultimate goal of most e-commerce emails is driving sales. Shopify's integration with Klaviyo allows you to track the percentage of recipients purchasing following your email. This will give you a direct indication of the ROI for your email marketing.

4. Don't ignore unsubscribes

An increase in unsubscribes after a campaign may indicate that your content doesn't resonate. This metric is crucial to monitor, and you should adjust your strategy accordingly.

5. Deliverability

Bounced emails refer to those not delivered to the recipient's mailbox. If you have a high bounce rate, it might be time to check your email list and see if spam is being reported.


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6. Monitoring Revenue

E-commerce revolves around sales. Shopify's advanced capabilities allow you to track the revenue generated by each email campaign. This gives you a clear idea of its profitability.

7. Engagement

Does your audience respond more to emails sent on Monday mornings or Thursday evenings? Klaviyo's detailed analytics allow you to track engagement trends and optimise your send times.

8. Track Abandoned Cart Recovery Rate

One of Klaviyo's most powerful features, especially when combined with Shopify, is its ability to send emails about cart abandonment. Track how many sales you recover through these reminders.

9. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Understanding the value of customers gained through email marketing is essential for strategising future campaigns. It is easier to track the CLV for customers who engage with your emails by integrating Klaviyo and Shopify.

10. Include feedback forms & surveys

These direct comments are invaluable as they provide qualitative and quantitative metrics.

In Summary

Tracking email marketing performance has become essential in the data-driven decision-making age. Platforms like Shopify and Klaviyo offer comprehensive tools for monitoring, analysing, and optimising your campaigns. Paying close attention to these metrics will help e-commerce companies refine their strategies and ensure maximum engagement and profitability.

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