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Our Approach

Hello Different was founded to help small to medium sized businesses reach their full potential online, providing them with the necessary resources and digital strategies. Small to medium businesses are our specialty and at the core of what we do, as we believe that this is where we can really add immense value.

We aren’t the type of agency that will provide you with complicated data sets that are hard to interpret. Rather we make it simple for you to really understand your businesses strengths, opportunities and the areas that you need to focus on. Our team knows that with the right data and creative approach, you'll be able to breakdown your businesses current limitations and accelerate your online growth.

Our Founders

The Hello different difference has been developed through our founder’s combined experience in running the daily operations of an e-commerce business and crafting optimised digital experiences allowing businesses to scale online.


Starting out designing and developing websites for SMEs seeking to establish an online presence. Once helping businesses get a foothold, Charlie moved onto assisting owners to understand their online analytics and their correlation with key business metrics. Helping to optimise their online systems and customer experience, with the aim of driving efficient and revenue growth.


Having spent 4 years scaling an e-commerce business from the ground up, Margot has since exited her position in the business and become a managing partner in Hello Different. Margot’s passion is to provide ecommerce businesses with the required resources, knowledge and strategy, to nurture customer relationships, drive revenue growth and succeed online.