How to optimise your Shopify stores speed score without any coding (& for free)

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Boosting your Shopify store's speed is crucial for enhancing user experience and improving search engine rankings. A fast-loading site keeps customers engaged, reduces bounce rates, and increases conversion chances. Fortunately, optimising your Shopify store's speed doesn't require coding skills or investment. This guide highlights practical steps to enhance your store's speed for free, along with insights into how speed optimisation benefits your eCommerce SEO efforts.

Why Speed Optimisation Matters for Your Shopify Store

A swift Shopify store does more than just improve user experience. It also significantly impacts your search engine optimisation (SEO) efforts. Search engines, like Google, prioritise fast-loading websites in their rankings because they offer a better user experience. Therefore, optimizing your store's speed can lead to higher visibility, more traffic, and increased sales.

Easy Steps to Optimise Your Shopify Store's Speed

Optimising your Shopify store's speed involves several straightforward strategies that don't require any coding knowledge:

  1. Compress Images: Large images can drastically slow down your store. Use free tools online to compress your images before uploading them to your site.
  2. Remove Unnecessary Apps: Every app you add to your Shopify store can impact its loading time. Review your installed apps and remove any that are not essential.
  3. Utilize Shopify's Built-in Features: Shopify offers built-in tools to help optimise your store's speed, such as automatic image compression and theme updates that enhance performance.
  4. Limit the Use of Custom Fonts: While custom fonts can add a unique touch to your store, they can also slow it down. Stick to the essentials and limit the variety of fonts used.

By implementing these non-technical adjustments, you can significantly improve your store's loading speed, offering a better experience for your visitors.

Boosting eCommerce SEO with a Faster Shopify Store

A fast-loading Shopify store isn't just beneficial for user experience; it's also a key factor in successful eCommerce SEO. Faster sites are more likely to rank higher in search engine results, drawing more organic traffic to your store. If you're looking to further enhance your store's SEO performance, our eCommerce SEO services at Hello Different can help. We specialise in optimising online stores to improve their search engine rankings, drive traffic, and increase sales.

Start Your Shopify Journey

If you're not yet on Shopify or are considering switching platforms, Shopify offers a free trial to get started. This trial allows you to explore the platform's extensive features, including speed optimisation tools, without any commitment. Sign up for your Shopify trial today and begin optimising your store for success.


Optimising your Shopify store's speed is a straightforward process that can yield significant benefits for your business. By following the steps outlined above, you can enhance your store's performance, improve user experience, and boost your SEO efforts‚ÄĒall without the need for coding or financial investment. For those looking to maximise their store's potential, exploring professional eCommerce SEO services and taking advantage of Shopify's free trial are excellent next steps.

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