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Harnessing Lifecycle Automation for E-commerce: Why Lifecycle Automation is the Future of Email Marketing

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Personalisation is key in a digital world that is constantly evolving. Understanding the customer journey and sending tailored messages at the correct times can make a massive difference for e-commerce companies. Enter lifecycle automation. You can boost your email marketing strategy using platforms such as Shopify Mail and Klaviyo. We'll show you how.


1. What is lifecycle automation?

Lifecycle automation is the creation of targeted email campaigns aligned with specific stages in a customer journey. Each lifecycle stage requires a different messaging strategy, from a new visitor to a loyal customer. Sending the right message to the right user at the right moment is more important than bombarding them with messages.

2. What are the Lifecycle stages for an E-Commerce Customer?

The customer's journey is divided into four stages: Acquisition, Engagement, Retention and Loyalty. Your strategy needs to be tailored accordingly to optimise customer interactions at each stage.

1. Acquisition

This stage is where you introduce your brand to potential customers. Emails of welcome, introductions and incentives for first-time purchases can all be very effective.

2. Engagement

Keep them interested once you have their attention. Here, you can use product recommendations, content that matches their browsing habits, and loyalty programs.

3. Retention

Keeping an existing customer is cheaper than acquiring a new client. Re-engagement emails and personalised offers help to keep your brand at the forefront of people's minds.

4. Loyalty

Loyal customers are worth gold. Reward loyal customers with early bird specials, exclusive offers, and loyalty points. Celebrate milestones, anniversaries and other important dates to make your customers feel appreciated.

3. Why is lifecycle automation essential for e-commerce?

Lifecycle automation allows for mass personalisation. This ensures that messages are relevant and in line with user behaviour, ultimately improving the customer experience. This approach results in improved brand perception and conversion rates.

Personalisation scaled up

By integrating Klaviyo with Shopify, businesses can automate emails according to user behaviour, ensuring that relevant messages are sent without manual intervention.

Improved Experience for Customers

‚ÄćPersonalised experiences make customers feel valued. Emails that resonate with the customer's journey enhance brand perception and increase trust.

Increased Conversion Rates

‚ÄćCustomised messages increase a customer's likelihood of purchasing. For instance, cart abandonment reminders can recover potential lost sales.

4. Setup Lifecycle Automation using Klaviyo with Shopify Mail

Businesses can optimise their lifecycle automation by segmenting their audiences, setting up trigger-based email messages based on customer actions, and continuously refining their strategies via A/B testing. They can then ensure that the content is relevant and engaging.


Begin by segmenting your customers based on their interaction with your online store. This includes browsing history, previous purchases, and engagement with emails.

Trigger-Based Emails

Create a trigger-based email. If a customer abandons their cart, for example, they will receive an automatic reminder email at a specific time.

Test, refine and test again

A/B tests are crucial. To find out what resonates best with your audience, test different email formats, messages, and sending times. Then, refine your message based on results.

5. Lifecycle Automation for E-Commerce: Key Takeaways

Klaviyo Analytics can help businesses analyse their strategies and ensure they are on track. These principles will help you create more effective email marketing campaigns.

Send relevant emails

Only send emails to customers at the right stage of their lifecycle.

Do not spam

Too much communication is harmful. Make sure you keep your subscribers manageable by sending only a few emails.

Always Analyse

When integrated with Shopify, keep an eye on metrics with Klaviyo's robust analytics. Data can be used to refine and adapt your strategy continuously.


Lifecycle automation is the future of e-commerce marketing. Personalising customer interactions and understanding their journey becomes more important as competition increases. Shopify Mail and Klaviyo are tools e-commerce companies can use to send relevant, timely, impactful emails, driving engagement and sales.

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